About Us

About Teacher Group Travel

TeacherGroup Travel specializes in reduced cost travel for members of the educational community. Most of our professional staff members are former teachers and administrators who have been securing great values for educational personnel since the early 1970’s. We are one of the few travel organizations permitted to advertise in the U.F.T. and NYSUT publications. TGT permits you to buy travel arrangements at a greatly reduced rate when compared with the rates paid by the general traveling public. Your membership entitles you to save money not only for you and your immediate family members, but for your family and friends as well.

Our Mission

The mission of TeacherGroup Travel is to provide the best travel value at the lowest possible cost to members of the educational community, their family and friends.

Why Choose Us

The management of TeacherGroup Travel has been providing quality service to educators since the early 1970’s. We are not only experts in the realm of travel, but are former educators as well. We understand the needs of educators and their travel requirements. Our many years of providing members of our community with great values at the lowest possible rates assure you of well planned and executed vacation arrangements. With TGT, although our programs are listed on our website, you always have a live person for consultation should the need arise. We are not only here to make the sale, we are here to answer your questions and to make sure that your vacation is well designed and runs smoothly. Try us, you will like us!